Wednesday, September 28, 2011

singing (not) in the rain

Well, well, well,here we are again. I bet you're anxious to know whether or not I got the job at Madrid as per our conversation just two short days ago? This is going to be hard for you to understand....BUT I GOT IT. Impulsive capitalisation aside, I am quite excited. So, in order for me to coherently pen down these thoughts (and make an attempt to block out the two French ladies chatting at a computer across from me, despite the fact that I would love to ease drop on them for the rest
of my time in the library, especially since I just impulsively watched a 2-hour documentary on Marie Antoinette) let me break the interview down for you. I awoke early on Tuesday, afraid because I could not remember if Steph (the manager) and I were meeting at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. I had originally written 2 p.m. down in my journal, but for some reason I was filled with self-doubt. I called Steph. She did not answer. Therefore, I unanimously decided we were meeting at 2 p.m. Hurdle number one was cleared and I sustained no face damage from the asphalt.
Now, after showering, bathing myself in exotic bath salts, lathering with expensive perfumes and dressing in the finest royal silks from Rome and India, I took to the train station to plot my next move. While waiting, I became nervous. Not a stomach-twisted type of nervousness, but a "am I doing the right thing by staying in Australia?" type of nervousness. Ok, ok, let me explain. I love Australia, it's great. The people are wonderful, scenery picturesque, blah, blah, blah. BUT (and this 'but' is big) I have had this bubbling fear inside that if I got a real job (aside from this circus work) I would be tied down somewhere and therefore be forced to remain in that location for at least a couple months. What If I did want to go home for Christmas? What if after two months Australia bores me and I want out? This was the type
of nervousness that was setting in. I know, you're thinking how silly to be worried about something like this after only two weeks. But (see, I told you there was a 'but'...try multiple ones) I just have to ask myself these questions or I will grow content and fall into routine. Routine, in my humble opinion, is bad. Didn't someone even once say "variety is the spice of life?" Yeah, well they were right. So, in an attempt to calm my quaking spirits, I began thinking about other things because I didn't want my armpits to sweat. That is the worst, when you shake a new friend's hand and they see that sliver of wet armpit beginning to bleed through your oxford. Needless to say, I stood arms akimbo until my train came.
Ok, moving on: I was about an hour early to my destination, so instead of walking by Madrid four or five times and trying to just hide my face, I ducked into some shops and pretended to browse the stock (and yes, I touched everything I saw in an attempt to look like a casual shopper...with money...bwuhaha). After nearly 45-minutes, I felt like I was ready to meet Steph and Alex for my interview. 15-minutes early, I walked through the door and sat down with the two (rather young I thought) individuals. In hindsight, I hope I didn't sound too blase with my interviewers, but for some reason I could not get excited. After covering the basics (they asked me FOUR times if I planned on staying in Perth for twelve months, which I had to answer as "yes" or I would not have gotten the job...this was maybe why I was somewhat freaking out) they decided I was perfect for what they wanted and decided to allow me a trial period of five hours the week after my circus endeavours ended. If all goes well (and here, Alex said he has no doubts that I will be hired, because I have a great personality) I will be taken on for regular weekly work and then be making $20.75 an hour plus tips.

See, I guess I was just overreacting. At this, my spirits brightened tremendously and I thought about buying bananas. Lots and lots of bananas. And, of course, going to Bali.
BUT, that does not mean my circus dreams are defunct, because if John asks me to be one of his lucky eight and travel along for a 10-week trip through The Outback, I have decided that this would indeed be a better option for me. However I welcome opinions, naysayers and all other forms of constructive criticism at this point. Ready....GO!
So, on a less exciting note and aside from all these harrowing adventures, today I decided to keep things simple by taking advantage of the wonderful weather and just walking: my favourite pastime when visiting a new country. I literally took the train to an unknown destination, got off and just walked. What I found once there was (of course) some antique and secondhand shops! I mean come on, you knew I was going to sniff them out eventually and find all the best bargain basements in a 25-mile radius. It's in my blood at this point. Perusing three or four, I then wondered into a neighbouring town and just ambled away my time by chatting with people on the street. Now, I am here. Writing to you. Watching the last little sliver of sunlight dip away. I hope, for your sake (since I am sitting in the library with you as an audience when the weather, for once, is NOT treacherous), that the weather is pleasing tomorrow as well (even though they are already calling for rain).

For now. Tis all I shall speak (err, write). I plan to make some rather nice pasta tonight with pumpkin and zucchini OR maybe a pizza with feta/sausage and pomodori (Italian for tomatoes!). Jealous?
Until the ladies in front of me would revoir!

(Oh! The above photos are either ones I caught from my jaunt earlier today, from some of the antique shops I visited or, quite simply, the stink face I made prior to the interview. Enjoy!)

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  1. i love your stink face. enjoying this blog greatly and so happy things are going well down under! can't wait to hear about your first week!